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Yup You Stink Emergency Wipes

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If your dog is anything like Rocky they like nothing more than rolling in fox poo or something equally as delightful when they are out.  There's nothing quite like seeing a Beagle swan dive into a pile of stinky poop, believe me we've seen it happen quite a few times!! These wipes are brilliant, and a must for all stinky, swan diving dogs!  The travel-size pack contains 5 strong, large, PH-balanced wipes that are alcohol free and made with essential oils including aloe vera leaf juice and odour control ingredients, making them gentle on your dog's coat but effective for getting whatever they have rolled in off!  Keep them in the car so they are always to hand, meaning you can get them cleaned up before they get in!  

  • PH-balanced  
  • Alcohol Free with aloe vera  
  • Strong large size wipes in handy travel pack  


5 large wipes per pack