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Natural Instinct

Natural Instinct Subscription Service

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Eat, sleep, wag, repeat.... raw food on autopilot

Order at least 5 days in advance

Build your Natural Instinct subscription from this page. You must select from both RECIPE and PACK SIZE options for each selection.... you must select Treats in the PACK SIZE option to purchase treats.


Orders are automatically processed every Sunday:

■ Local deliveries will be made on Fridays 5pm-6pm
■ Collect in store from the following Saturday (we may notify you of availability sooner)

You will have full control over your subscription including:

■ Ability to add in/swap out subscription items
■ Defer an order
■ Update billing/shipping information
■ Cancel at any time
When your order is processed, we order the required food in for you and either let you know when it is ready for collection or schedule it for one of our next local delivery slots.

We operate a buffer for these orders. If the date of your first order does not provide a 5 working day buffer to your next processing date (the following Sunday), your next order will be skipped to ensure you do not have 2 orders stacked for delivery at the same time.

If required sooner, order from individual product pages which display current inventory.

You will be diverted to our secure & trusted third party subscription gateway upon checkout

Feeding Guide

1-5kg 150g 300g
6-10kg 200g 400g
11-15kg 300g 600g
16-20kg 400g 800g
21-25kg 500g 1000g
26-30kg 600g 1200g
31-35kg 700g 1400g
36-40kg 800g 1600g
41-45kg 900g 1800g 
46-50kg 1kg 2kg

Adult dogs should be fed 2-3% of their ideal body weight per day and puppies 5-6%. Every dog is different. adjust portions accordingly.

For each product's ingredients, please see applicable individual product pages.

Raw Feeding Good Practise

  • Defrost in fridge for 24 hours or on the side for 12 hours out of direct sunlight
  • Once defrosted, store up to 4 days in the fridge - never refreeze
  • Always think of hygiene first
  • Always wash hands and work surfaces after handling raw food
  • Always wash bowl between meals
  • Always leave out fresh drinking water
  • Never leave raw food down for your dog to graze