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Natural Instinct

Advanced Orders (5 Working Days)

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Order at least 5 days in advance:

  • Collect in store and local delivery only
  • Avoid out of stock items
  • Avoid long distance carriage of raw dog food when travelling to Cornwall on holiday

If required sooner, order from individual product pages which display current inventory.


Save 8% at checkout when ordering more than 36kg of Natural Instinct

Feeding Guide

1-5kg 150g 300g
6-10kg 200g 400g
11-15kg 300g 600g
16-20kg 400g 800g
21-25kg 500g 1000g
26-30kg 600g 1200g
31-35kg 700g 1400g
36-40kg 800g 1600g
41-45kg 900g 1800g 
46-50kg 1kg 2kg

Adult dogs should be fed 2-3% of their ideal body weight per day and puppies 5-6%. Every dog is different. adjust portions accordingly.

For each product's ingredients, please see applicable individual product pages.

Raw Feeding Good Practise

  • Defrost in fridge for 24 hours or on the side for 12 hours out of direct sunlight
  • Once defrosted, store up to 4 days in the fridge - never refreeze
  • Always think of hygiene first
  • Always wash hands and work surfaces after handling raw food
  • Always wash bowl between meals
  • Always leave out fresh drinking water
  • Never leave raw food down for your dog to graze