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Julius K9 IDC Chest Pad

Julius K9

Julius K9 IDC Chest Pad

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Perfect Pressure Distribution

The IDC® Chest Pad functions perfectly as a pressure distributor, making our range of harnesses even more comfortable and secure for your dog, and ensures ideal load balance during work or walk. It's simple to attach and can be fixed with hook and loop fasteners without the need to remove or open the harness chest strap.

Chest Pad Features:

  • Reflective edging for improved visibility.
  • Compatible with our range of IDC® Powerharnesses.
  • It can be fixed easily without opening the chest belt of the harness.
  • It makes the harness more comfortable and secure for your dog.

Easily Fitted & Adjusted

Thanks to the secure hook and loop fitting system, the IDC® Chest Pad is quickly and easily attached to any harness in our IDC® harness range.

Compatible IDC® Harnesses

  • IDC® Powerharness
  • IDC® Powerharness with Side Rings
  • IDC® Powerharness with Safety Lock
  • IDC® Lightweight Belt Harnesses
  • IDC® Guide Dog Harness
  • IDC® Tactical Stealth Harness

How to fit Julius K9 Harness Chest Strap

Step 1: open the front fastener on your IDC® Powerharness.

Step 2: slide the front IDC® Powerharness fastener out of its holder.

Step 3: slide the front D-Ring of the IDC® Front Control Y Belt onto the IDC® Powerharness fastener. Make sure the D-Ring is facing outwards and is in the middle of the harness strap. This is so it sits comfortably on your dog’s chest.

Step 4: tear off the hook and loop fastener protector on the IDC® Front Control Y Belt and firmly pad it down so it is securely fixed to the hook-and-loop fastener on the IDC® Powerharness.

Step 5: slide IDC® Powerharness fastener back through its holder.

Step 6: secure the IDC® Powerharness hook and loop fastener back down so it fastens to the IDC® Front Control Y Belt.

Step 7: unfasten the hook and loop belly strap on the IDC® Front Control Y Belt.

Step 8: loop the belly strap around the IDC® Powerharness belly strap.

Step 9: now refasten the IDC® Front Control Y Belt belly strap. Make sure it is straight and central.