Coronavirus Business Operating Update

UPDATE 23/03/20

Local Delivery

  • Radius increased to 15 miles (validation at checkout)
  • Delivery times changed to 1pm-5pm

Store Pickup

  • Suspended

Dearest customer and dog lover,

Whilst the nation struggles to adapt to the coronavirus outbreak, we must try to do things differently to support our customers.

As of Monday 23rd March 2020, we are putting the following measures in place to enable the continuity of our service whilst minimising the risk to our staff, their dependants and our customers alike.

UK Delivery

There will be no changes to our national deliveries, and we have ample headroom to process orders in a timely fashion. However, during this time of high demand, we request your patience with third party couriers.

No-one can predict how consumers will react, when, and to what, but please just keep calm and buy what you need allowing a few more extra days to be on the safe side for deliveries.

Couriers may also change the way they deliver parcels and opt for a more social distancing approach. Please be mindful of this too and feel free to ask them to leave in a safe place as you would if you were not there to receive it.

Local Delivery

  • We are slashing the minimum order value to qualify for free local delivery within a 15-mile radius to orders over £20 (£2.99 for all orders under) and have implemented a new checkout system which will ask you to enter your postcode to validate that your address qualifies.
  • Local delivery will now be available on our website at checkout for the following days:
    • Tuesday      13:00 to 17:00
    • Thursday    13:00 to 17:00
    • Saturday  –    13:00 to 17:00
  • We will place your delivery at your front door and knock/ring the door or put in your allocated safe place and record the delivery. Please do not answer until we have left
  • We will not abort the delivery and it will be your responsibility once delivered
  • We will be giving away free “Made in Cornwall” Paws for Cake dog treats for each local delivery order over £10 (exc. Delivery) whilst stocks last!

Our Store

    We ask our customers to please kindly respect social distancing keeping at least 2m away from our staff and/or remain in your vehicle/home until the order has been placed down.
    In light of the above, there will be no transactions made on our premises and phone calls shall only be taken during those days between the hours of 9am-1pm. We are always available on and are happy to hear from you.



    • Stay healthy
    • Contact us if you have any questions – email, phone, Facebook Messenger, web chat
    • Continue to order as you would normally
    • Consider potential for raised demand on couriers
    • Practise social distancing
    • Exercise your dog and get some fresh air
    • Play games with your dog to mentally stimulate them such as:
      • Training
      • Find the treat
      • Treat rolled in a tea towel then tied in a knot (Rocky loves this!)
      • Chewing – KONG, antler, chew root, Yakers

    Do Not...

    • your door if you suspect you have coronavirus until we have left!
    In uncertain times you can guarantee the unconditional love a dog. Look after each other!
    Thank you for your continued custom and support
    Kindest regards & stay well,
    Lynz, Mike, Ava & Rocky