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Canny Collar Black

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The Canny Collar is the best collar to stop dogs pulling on the lead, transforming even the worst pullers into happy, well-behaved pets. Simple to fit and easy to use, it is kind to your dog, comfortable, safe and effective. 

The ‘behind-the-head’ design means it doesn’t yank your dog’s head or ride up into their eyes and can be used in both ‘training mode’ and ‘regular mode’ by slipping the loop off your dog's nose as needed. This way, you can train your dog to eventually walk on a regular collar and lead.

The Canny Collar is recommended by dog trainers, training schools, rescue shelters and veterinarians worldwide. It is the favoured training head collar of UK Guide Dogs.

  • Stops pulling
  • Control conventionally from the natural position behind the head instead of from the front
  • RSPCA, Guid Dogs for the Blind & Dogs Trust approved

The main difference between the Canny Collar and other head collars such as the Halti, Dogmatic and Gentle Leader is the position to where the lead is fastened – the Canny Collar fastens behind the head rather than underneath the chin. By fastening behind the head, the potential for unintentional misuse is minimised as the Canny Collar will not pull your dog's head to one side.

Any dog control device is really only as good as the owner on the other end of the lead. Whilst most owners are responsible and caring individuals with their animal’s best interests at heart, some can, through frustration, become heavy handed, resulting in the dog’s head being yanked to one side and the nosepiece riding up into the eyes.

The Canny Collar, on the other hand, does not bring the dog’s head to one side, rather it lowers the head towards the floor. This means the full weight of the dog is harnessed in slowing the dog down, rather than putting pressure on the neck area with the head twisted to one side. Many organisations, including the RSPCA and Guide Dogs in the UK, have recognised this as kind, safe and effective and have adopted the Canny Collar as their training product of choice.

With regards to dog training, the Canny Collar is only promoted as a device to prevent dogs from pulling on lead and not to bring a dog’s head around to look at the owner. We do not promote it for example as a tool to combat aggression in dogs or for other areas of training.

Pulling on lead is the most common problem faced by dog owners and this is the area the Canny Collar is designed to focus on. However, we do have some anecdotal evidence to suggest it is also effective in controlling barking and lungeing/aggression on lead.

For larger dogs, the Canny Colossus is the same design but with larger, more heavy-duty fittings.


Neck Measurement (measure where the collar would sit)

  • Size 1: 9-11"/23-28cm
  • Size 2: 11-13"/28-33cm
  • Size 3: 13-15"/33-38cm
  • Size 4: 15-17"/38-43cm
  • Size 5: 17-19"/43-48cm
  • Size 6: 19-21"/48-53cm
  • Size 7: 21-23"/53-58cm

To ensure your Canny Collar fits accurately and is safe to use when walking your dog, take a tape and measure around your dog's neck snugly, to just behind the ears. Then, choose the correct size Canny Collar for your dog using the following measurements. If your dog's neck measurement falls exactly between two sizes, our experience shows that the best option is normally to choose the smaller of the two sizes to ensure a good fit.

Common sizes for breeds but make sure you measure for a snug fit:

Breed Size
Akita 5 or 6
Beagle 3
Bearded Collie 4
Border Collie 3 or 4
Boxer 4 or 5
Bullmastiff 5 or 6
Cocker Spaniel 3
Dalmatian 4
Doberman 3 or 4
German Shepherd 4 or 5 
Golden Retriever 4 to 6 
Great Dane 6 or 7 
King Charles Cavalier  1
Labrador Retriever  4 to 6
Mastiff - large
Newfoundland Colossus 
Rhodesian Ridgeback  4 or 5
Rottweiler 5 or 6 
Springer Spaniel
Staffordshire Bull Terrier 3 or 4 
St Bernard Colossus 
Terrier - Jack Russell, Westie etc 1 or 2