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Orijen Dog Food

Award-winning and biologically appropriate, Orijen dog food is formulated using a nutrient-rich recipe that provides your pet with a natural, grain free, diet. As one of the leading pet food brands available to buy in the UK, Orijen have created a nutritionally balanced food line that perfectly matches your pet’s evolutionary needs.

A New Standard In Pet Food

Trusted by pet lovers across the UK, Orijen pet food has a reputation of excellence. Their award-winning formula is renowned for recreating your pet’s natural evolutionary diet. Made with high quality ingredients, Orijen sets itself apart from its competitors with a nutrient-rich, slow energy release recipe that will keep your dogs happy and bouncing throughout the day.

Filled With Fresh Ingredients

Orijen is made from high quality, sustainably sourced animal ingredients. Free run chicken, wild caught fish, cage-free eggs and more - are all delivered locally straight to Orijen’s specialist kitchen to be turned into nourishing meals by their experts. Preservative-free and created with care, Orijen ingredients are made to the same standards as for human consumption, resulting in delicious dishes that will delight your pet.

Protein-Rich Dietetic Food

Orijen’s biologically appropriate recipe is tailored to your pet’s health and natural diet, and packed full of diverse proteins and rich nutritional properties that will give your dog everything it needs to live its fullest life. Bursting with delicious flavours and goodness, each of our Orijen dry food ranges guarantee a healthy dish that your dog will love!

Orijen Puppy Food

Give your puppy the positive start it needs in life. The Orijen tailored puppy recipe is rich in protein and filled to the brim with fresh, whole animal ingredients. Ensure positive growth and healthy development in your young dog and help them reach their peak with the Orijen puppy range. Support bone development, boost their immune system and more – all in one tasty dish that provides the best introduction to their diet.

Orijen Senior Dog Food

Orijen senior pet food is perfect for keeping your pet healthy and supple throughout their later years. Filled with rich nutrients and benefitting from a dish of reduced carbohydrates, Orijen senior dry food is essential to promote optimal health in older dogs and keep them happier for longer.

Find The Best Grain Free Dog Foods For Your Pet

Orijen believe in the benefits of a natural diet, which is why they’ve formulated a food that only uses the highest quality fresh whole ingredients of meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. Prevent digestive issues and reward your pet with maximum health benefits and vitality by giving your pets an award-winning dish from Orijen.

Order Orijen’s Diverse Range Of Nutritional Meals Online

At Paws in Padstow, we stock a wide range of nutritionally-balanced Orijen meals for dogs, with ranges including whole prey, tundra, puppy food and senior pet food. All of our purchases are available with quick delivery and free shipping with orders over £40. If you’re not already a member of our Paws In Padstow email community, then subscribe today and enjoy 10% off your first Orijen order!