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Dries + Warms + Comforts - Dogrobes are the ultimate dog drying coats. From the bath time to the wet walks, Dogrobes has got your pup covered. Made from high quality materials and with a focus on practicality and style, Dogrobes is the Original brand for discerning dogs and their owners.

What are Dog Drying Coats?

Drying coats are essentially towels for dogs, designed to help them dry off after a walk or bath. They are usually made from absorbent materials like microfibre towelling or cotton, and some even have waterproof linings to help keep your dog dry and comfortable. Dog drying coats come in a variety of styles and sizes.

What is So Good About Dogrobes?

Dogrobes are a special dog drying coat designed and made in Britain to help dry and soothe wet dogs after baths or swims. But unlike other brands, they are made from lightweight, ultra-absorbent materials that help to speed up the drying process, while also providing some other benefits for your pet. Some of these benefits include increased mobility, comfort, calming effects, and cooling properties.

Drys + Warms + Comforts

An effective drying coat will ensure that the remaining water left in their fur after a good shake is dried stopping your wet dog's body temperature from dropping and their bed getting soggy! They are made from unique and innovative towelling which incorporates a double length loop on the inside making them super absorbent whilst keeping them lightweight drying your wet dog quickly. Different dogs will have different drying times, but the Dogrobe should be left on for approximately 30 minutes and taken off when it is wet. The double length loop material also helps to trap body heat, speeding up the drying process and keeping your dog warm. When fitted snug and cosy, Dogrobes can also provide mental health benefits by reducing anxiety. Gentle pressures around the chest are soothing for dogs. Much like swaddling a baby. Some people use them in this way for dogs who have issues with fireworks, training and travel.

No Velcro

They were designed with dogs' comfort in mind, and as such, they do not have any velcro fasteners. This means that there is no risk of your dog's fur getting caught or pulled when you are putting the robe on them. Additionally, it also means that the robe is less likely to slip off or cause any distress if your dog doesn't like the sound of velcro peeling.


Dogrobes are a great choice for dogs because they are lightweight and easy to put on and take off. This makes them ideal for dogs who like to roam while drying off.


Unlike some other drying accessories available that mean your dog is unable to move independently, Dogrobes drying coats allow your dog to carry on as normal.


When it gets hot in warm weather, you can soak Dogrobes in cold water and pop it on your dog to cool them down. So much easier that trying to encourage your dog to lay on a cooling mat! Just make sure that you take it off when the water has evaporated to put away or soak again.

Typical Uses for Dog Drying Coat

Keep it by your front door to stop wet shakes up the walls. Warming on the radiator ready for post bath time mayhem. Keep it in your car so it's ready after a muddy, wet or cold walk.... or sandy beach walks are our fave!

Which Dogrobes Size?

No matter your dog's breed, it's important to measure your dog to make sure you get the right size. You'll need 2 measurements - around the girth (the deepest part of your dog's chest) and from the collar to the base of the tail.

Easy to fit. Just slip the Dogrobe over your dog’s head. Straighten it out over his back. Draw the ties up on each side of his body. Tie loosely in a single loop on one side of his spine.

Different dogs will have different drying times but generally leave the Dogrobe on for around 30 minutes and take it off when it's damp.

How to Care For Your Dogrobe

Machine washable at 40℃ clothing and tumble dry on low heat. Wash separately on the first couple of washes to ensure no excess colour transfer on to clothing.... although you probably wont any dog hair to transfer either!

If your dog is partial to a dip on the coast and goes for a swim in sea water, it is always best to wash after use as soon as possible.

Buy Your Dog Drying Coat From Paws in Padstow

If you're looking for a high-quality, comfortable dog robe that will keep your pet warm and dry, the Dogrobes range from Paws in Padstow is an excellent option. Made with absorbent towelling and a double-length loop material that helps to trap body heat, these robes are perfect for drying off wet dogs quickly and easily. Plus, they are lightweight and easy to put on and take off, making them perfect for dogs who like to roam freely while drying off. Order your Dogrobes today!