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The Best Way to Play! - Chuckit! believe that every dog deserves a good game of fetch. That's why we offer a wide range of their superior dog toys, including ball launchers, tough ultra balls and more. Their products are designed to provide hours of fun for both dogs and their owners, and they're built to last. Whether your dog is a seasoned pro at fetch or just starting out, we have the perfect toy for them. So come on in and find the perfect Chuckit! toy for your furry friend.

Chuckit! Ball Launcher

Simply put, the greatest selection of launcher available on the market. For hands-free pick-up with zero slobber, we have a wide range of sizes and designs of their ball thrower. The Chuckit! Ball Launcher will throw further and faster than a comparable ball launcher.

Featuring a range of high quality ball throwers made with durable plastic and ergonomic handles. The longer the ball launcher, the further the ball will travel... science! Also available for different compatible Chuckit! ball sizes and in different colours.

Interesting Colours for Dogs

The sight of a bright blue and orange coloured dogs balls will get your pooch excited and elevate the fun factor with their high visibility. Also making them a bit more difficult to lose.

Chuckit! Balls

Exceed performance of an ordinary ball by playing fetch with Chuckit! The lines include specialty balls that float, have a high bounce, glow in the dark brighter, and whistle louder.

Chuckit! Ultra Ball

The ultra ball is bouncy, tough and floats.

These are renowned by dog owners as the best dog ball for outdoor play and are power chewer resilient.

Throwing your Chuckit! ultra ball into the sea? No problem for their high buoyancy.

The Chuckit! Ultra Ball is is also available with squeaker, to make playtime even more exciting.

Chuckit! Breath Right

Designed to allow air through its holes so your dog can play fetch for longer. This is soft compared to the ultra balls and tennis balls. Works with Chuckit! ball launcher.

Chuckit! Tennis Ball

Tennis balls with an extra thick core that are of excellent quality. Made especially for dogs.

Other Chuckit! Dog Toys

Looking for something a little bit different from the ball launcher and its spherical friend? We also stock fetch wheels, fetch sticks and flyers.

Choosing the Right Toy

If your pet likes to chew, always replace the toy if it becomes compromised, although chewing of any toy is not recommended. Always have a ball small enough for your dog to fetch, but too big for them to swallow and remember to change them for larger toys when puppies grow up. If you are playing indoors, remember to choose a toy that is light and not too bouncy when thrown.