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Carnilove Dog Food

Carnilove Dog Food

Respect the natural origins of your pet. Created with wild origin meats, forest fruits and rich vegetables, Carnilove dog food is packed full of the nutrients your pet needs to achieve its peak performance. Help your dog get back to the natural food sources of their wild ancestors today.

Respect The Bond Between Man & Dog

Carnilove understand the importance of the historical bond between man and dog. Their experts work hard to ensure that your pet’s diet is just as natural as it was hundreds of years ago. Enjoy healthy, balanced recipes that complement your dog’s biological and evolutionary needs with the Carnilove range today.

Quality Grain Free & Potato Free Dog Food

Carnilove’s grain free and potato free formula ensures a healthy diet for your dog in an easily digestible dish. These tasty Carnilove meals are made without cereal grains, instead using carefully selected high quality meats and forest fruits that deliver a unique source of proteins, nutrients, fibre, anti-oxidants and more for your dogs.

Help Your Dog Maintain Optimal Health With Carnilove

Carnilove create luxury recipes that help your dog return to a natural diet. Using high quality ingredients, Carnilove’s dry and wet dog foods help your pet reach their peak physical condition, protects their cardiovascular system, ensures a shiny coat and nourishes dry skin.

Dietetically Balanced & Nutritious Dog Food

Designed with careful consideration for your pet’s natural diet, Carnilove has been developed accordingly to your dog’s historical biological needs, but manufactured using the latest technology and high quality ingredients. The result is a delicious dish that will help your dog unlock their inner potential.

Holistic Feed For Your Dog

Compiled from 70% wild origin meats and 30% forest fruits, Carnilove is a return to the natural food sources of wild dogs. Filled with premium meat, antioxidants and herbs, this product will guarantee your dog a diet of wellness – with a recipe that contains no chemicals, preservatives or colourants.

Carnilove Puppy Food

Suitable for 4-week puppies until 12 months, the Carnilove puppy food range gives your dog the perfect start to their life. Boost metabolism and have a positive impact on your pet’s mental development during their crucial first months. Give your puppy a rich diet that will help them later in life!

Carnilove Semi Moist & Crunchy Dog Treats

Complement your pet’s healthy diet with Carnilove’s dog treat range. Available as semi moist or crunchy dry snacks, these delicious treats come in a range of flavours including Salmon with Blueberries, Lamb with Cranberries and Quail with Oregano. Give your dog a daily reward, use as motivation in training or simply show them your love with these tasty Carnilove nibbles that boost brain function and promote optimal health.

Buy Carnilove’s Delicious Range Online Today

We stock a wide range of natural sourced Carnilove grain free and potato free meals for your dog, with flavours including duck, lamb, salmon, wild boar, pheasant and and reindeer. At Paws in Padstow, all of our purchases are available with quick delivery and free shipping with orders over £40. If you’re not already a member of our Paws In Padstow email community, then subscribe today and enjoy 10% off your first Carnilove order!