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Acana Is A New Standard in Pet Food

Following your pet’s natural evolution for a meat-based diet, and using sustainable regional products delivered fresh or raw to their kitchen, Acana are championing a new standard of dog food. The Acana mission is clear – to create biologically appropriate dog food that your pet will love.

Fresh Regional Ingredients, Sourced For Your Dog

Made from start to finish for your dog in Acana’s own award-winning kitchen, each Acana ingredient is locally sourced and prepared to high quality standards fit for human consumption. Acana’s high quality food mirror the freshness and variety of meats that your dog needs for a balanced diet.

Find The Perfect Acana Food For Your Pet

Acana’s wide range of tasty dog food includes four collections: Acana Classic, Acana Heritage, Acana Regionals and Acana Singles. Each recipe has its own unique blend of meats, fruits and vegetables to create a delicious range of food that your dog is guaranteed to love!

Biologically Appropriate Food Diets For Your Dog

Acana’s philosophy is simple: they want to mirror the freshness and variety of meats that your dog is evolved to eat. Their food is formulated to match the eating anatomy of your dog. As a carnivore, your dog requires high concretions of fresh meat in their food – and Acana provides this with a diverse range of ingredients. Acana removes all of the ingredients that don’t belong in your dog’s diet, replacing them with extra meat proteins that ensure lean muscle and promote good health.

Acana Puppy Food

The Acana puppies food range will keep your young dog happy and strong, giving it the best start it needs in life. Made in their award-winning kitchen and low in carbohydrates, Acana’s specialist food diet contains a varied mix of fresh meats, giving your dog the rich and diverse nutrients they need to develop positively in their first few years.

Help Your Dog Lose Weight With Acana Light & Fit

Help your dog lose weight quickly and safely. Specifically designed for overweight dogs, Acana light and fit is limited in carbohydrates which contribute to excess body fat. Instead, this unique Acana recipe uses a rich protein diet to promote lean muscle mass and help your dog return to their natural weight.

Order Acana Dog Food Online Today

At Paws in Padstow, we stock a wide range of grain free, high quality Acana dog food, with ranges including Acana Senior Dog Food, Acana Pacifica, Acana Heritage, Acana Regionals, Acana Singles and more. All of our purchases are available with quick delivery and free shipping with orders over £40. If you’re not already a member of our Paws In Padstow email community, then subscribe today and enjoy 10% off your first Acana order!