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Our article in Spring 2018/Issue 3 of Dog Friendly Cornwall

Mike Attwood of Paws in Padstow is often asked about the best food for dogs. Here he shares his research on raw food

When it comes to feeding the dog, many owners are drawn to the many wet and dry dog food brands available in most supermarkets.  They’re convenient and dogs like them but are they the best food for your pet?

When was the last time that you looked at the ingredients to see what additives and other surprises might be going into what you’re serving them?  Maybe it is time for you to consider an alternative that is growing in popularity, raw food.

If you have pulled a face at the very thought, then please don’t write it off so quickly. Raw food is also a convenient way to feed your dog and if your dog likes what you give her now, just think of how she will react the moment you pierce open the wrapping of your raw Sunday meat as you are about to roast it. 

Think about it… feeding your dog raw food makes sense.  After all, that is what our dog’s ancestors ate years ago when they were in the wild. And the benefits you see once you have made the transition will make you wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner.

Health Benefits?

Here are the benefits that we have seen in our beagle Rocky since making the transition:

  • Less poop – as there is more good stuff going into your dog on a raw food diet, they have a healthier digestion and bowels so less waste
  • More energy
  • Healthy skin and shiny coat
  • Fresher breath
  • Dense muscle structure
  • Strong bones, teeth, and joints

These benefits are backed up by numerous vets across the country.  Richard Doyle, a director of the Wylie Veterinary Centre in Essex, says ‘Looking after our pets properly means, amongst other things, feeding them ‘species-appropriate’ food, i.e. food that they have evolved to eat over millions of years.  As dogs and cats are carnivores, this means meat – preferably raw because cooking, preserving, pressurising, colouring, flavouring and generally processing raw food damages some of the important nutrients in the food, like enzymes.  We have seen many health benefits for our patients who are fed raw meat-based diets’. 

natural instinct raw dog food

At Paws in Padstow, we stock Natural Instinct.  Using 100% British meats and the freshest fruit and vegetables, their human grade meat is used to make a wide range of delicious recipes.  The food is frozen and comes in easy to store contains, just defrost in the fridge and it is ready to go.  Once defrosted the food stays fresh in the fridge for up to 4 days. Natural Instinct suggest feeding adult dogs 2-3% of their ideal adult body weight per day and puppies 5-6% of their current body weight, however we can help you in store to understand how much food your dog needs.


Some people worry about handling raw dog food, however you just need to treat it the same as if you were handling raw meat for your own meals.  Wash your hands with soap and water after handling the food, wipe down any surfaces if you spill any juices to avoid cross contamination, and make sure the dog gets a clean bowl each time.

While the transition is suitable for most dogs, if your pup has any health issues, we would strongly advise you to speak to your vet before making any dietary changes. 

So, what are you waiting for? Pop along to Paws in Padstow to have a chat with our team to find out more about a raw food diet and how it might suit your dog.  

Mike Attwood is the owner of Paws in Padstow.

Find them at Trevisker Garden Centre, PL28 8LD

Call 01841 541361


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