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Getting Fit with Fido

Let’s face it, Christmas might be long behind us but we’re never short of an excuse to over indulge.

Choccies on Valentines, pancakes for Shrove Tuesday and now with Easter just around the corner it's no wonder the ‘get healthy’ resolution we made on January 1st went straight out the window and landed in doggy doo doo on the 2nd.

Lazy dog

But now the days are that bit longer, warmer and dare we say it, drier, we're ready to give this fitness lark another go. Except this time we're prepared.

You see, what we didn’t realise before was that the secret to success was right under our noses. In fact it wasn’t just under our noses, it was under our feet, on the sofa and in the bed too. And his name is Rocky.

Beagle running - Rocky

It’s no secret that working out is more fun with a gym buddy, but did you know that you’re twice as likely to achieve your goal with a partner in crime. And we can’t think of anybody better suited to that title than the dog.

Don’t worry! We haven’t suddenly turned into fitness gurus, although the team have signed up to a 5k run (more on that later), but like most of us doggy parents, we are guilty of looking after Rocky much better than we look after ourselves.

We’ve always got our noses glued to the back of his food packet checking the ingredients and nothing gets us up off the sofa more than those big, brown, make us feel guilty eyes (which just happen to be the same eyes he also uses for ‘it’s dinner time, yes?’ and ‘the baby did it’).

Now, we’re not suggesting you get your pooch in the squat rack or up on a treadmill, I mean you could, but we really wouldn’t recommend it.

Instead, if you’re serious about getting motivated then get your paws around one of these, the PitPat Dog Fitness Activity Tracker.

Think ‘Fitbit’ for dogs. The PitPat is small and lightweight enough to be worn by any size of fitness conscious pooch, yet robust and most importantly, super easy for any technophobe owner to use.

The sleek little monitor weighs in at only 12 grams and features rounded corners for extra comfort (*ahem* as do we), a stylish paw print design and an extra long-lasting battery (up to 18 months) so no need to constantly re-charge.

It’s water resistant up to 1.5 m and comes with a nifty little velcro strap so you can attach it to your dog's collar or harness. Rocky has worn his with pride 24/7 for a year without losing it or any issues.

Think of it as a canny canine personal trainer. The FREE app uses the information you provide such as your dog’s breed, age, gender and weight to create their very own exercise plan, whilst the monitor they wear captures, records and interprets their movements.

Simply open the app on your phone or tablet, press the button on the Pitpat to synchronise the data to check your pooch is on track, and if they’re not, get your joggers on and get out there.  

All you need to do is download the app onto your IOS or Android device and enter your doggy’s stats. The app does the rest. Well, all but the actual moving part of course. Sorry!

The app also includes the ability to store and review your dog's weight to help. This pawsome bit of kit is perfect if you struggle with overfeeding and under exercising your dog and provides invaluable statistics to help you identify any health or behavioural changes which might easily go unnoticed.

We’re also giving the PitPat bonus points because the motivating messages of encouragement and ‘inspawration’ made us feel super special.

No subscription and no hidden costs. Just a happy, healthy pooch and a massively motivated owner.

T-raining cats and & dogs

Rain, rain, go away! But if not then our 2 in1 dog coats by Danish Design are waterproof, windproof, breathable and machine washable. The polar fleece lining can be removed during warmer months and the ultra flash velcro waist band is also reflective. Great for sunset strolls.


Or, step out in style with the Barbour wax dog coat.

Reminiscent of the iconic Barbour design, this lightweight wax & cotton dog coat with traditional tartan lining is the stylish way to keep your Toto toastie. The coat itself contains insulated wadding whilst the underbody strap and velcro neck fastening ensure a snug fit. 

Jog On

If jogging is your thing then you’ll love the Halti All-in One Lead available online and in store in 4 eye-catching colours.

The multifunctional neoprene handle can be used as a tie-out tether, or extend it and you’ve got yourself a belt, or as we like to call it, a doggy hands-free kit.

The lead also comes with a super-strong elastic shock absorber to protect your dog from sudden jolts and a close control handle, you know- incase of squirrels.

Toys not treats

If fluffy is more of a fetcher then check out our new Chuckit toys.

Tough, rugged and made for ‘ruff’ play, Chuckit toys are great for dogs that need a bit more action in their lives.

Satisfy your dog’s natural chase instinct with the Chuckit Ring Chaser, make a splash with the floating FetchWheel or go the distance whilst keeping your hands firmly slobber free with the Chuckit ball thrower.

Now, about that run

Proving that dog health and human health should go hand in paw, Mike, Rocky, Lauraine & Ty will be getting dirty for Battersea Dogs' & Cats' Home this weekend as they take on the Muddy Dog Challenge, a 5 kilometer obstacle course designed to put both people and paws to the test.

They'll be crawling, splashing, climbing and hopefully running their way through swamps, tyres, cargo nets and agility challenges to raise money for Battersea.

Please show us (and Battersea Dogs' & Cats' Home) your support by donating here:

Paws in Padstow's Just Giving Page - Muddy Dog Challenge 2019


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