Christmas for Dogs -

Christmas for Dogs

Christmas is about family and dogs are family. Therefore, Christmas is about dogs. Yes? Well, sort of.

We enjoy spoiling Rocky just as much as we do our loved ones and we wouldn’t ever dream of leaving him out at Christmas time.

Every year he gets his own doggy advent calendar and we buy him a squeaky new toy, which he usually rejects in favour of eating the wrapping paper. But it’s the thought that counts, right?


However, for hundreds of dogs all around the country a trip to the emergency vet is top of this year's menu.

So, what are the rules of a doggy Christmas? Check out our top tips below and keep your vet firmly uninvited from the festivities.

Christmas Dinner

Does my tail look big in this? Treating your pooch to leftover turkey skin might seem like a genius idea at the time, after all no one else is going to eat it, but did you know that as well as being completely calorific, it could also lead to painful inflammation of the pancreas.  

For happy healthy puppies, stick to skinless breast meat and avoid Gravy and Pork products too.

Give the dog a bone, or NOT! Cooked (being the worst offender) or not, bones can splinter, and small sharp pieces can easily embed themselves into the oesophagus, stomach or intestine, resulting in some nasty consequences and a hefty vet bill.

Always make sure that any meat you give your pooch is 100% bone free and leftovers are well and truly out of reach of little noses.

You are what you eat! Sweet Potato, Carrots and Sprouts are all healthy festive goodies which are packed full of nutrients and vitamins, but avoid bulb vegetables such as garlic, leeks and especially onions as these can be poisonous.

Leaving treats for Santa? Grapes and Raisins can cause renal failure in dogs so Christmas pudding, cake and (drum roll please) traditional mince pies are all a definite no-no (rather than a ho-ho) for our furry friends.

When the big night arrives, be sure to leave goodies well away from thieving paws and even consider baking your own Cranberry mince pies instead.

Cranberries are full of antioxidants and in moderation, can improve your dog’s immune system, mouth health and help to prevent cancer. A much safer alternative.

Not the cooking kind? Or just prefer to play it safe? Then get your paws on Lily's Kitchen's festive Three Bird Feast.

This wholesome festive dish is made entirely from mouthwatering, natural ingredients including freshly prepared turkey, duck, goose and merry trimmings like parsnips, carrots and cranberries.

It’s Christmas dinner in a tin and your dog will LOVE it!

Toxic Treats

Human grade chocolate contains ingredients such as Caffeine and Theobromine which are naturally found in cocoa beans. Dogs are super sensitive to these ingredients, their little bodies can’t process them as easily as ours, so toxic levels of the stuff can easily build up.

The darker the chocolate, the more dangerous it is, and with so much of the gooey stuff around at this time of year it’s even more important to keep tasty treasures under lock and key.

Don’t feel guilty though. We have doggy advent calendars featuring Good Boy’s specially formulated dog safe chocolate as well as the meaty treats version. Grab yours online or in store while stocks last. 


Let it snow!

Exercising our dogs during the darker, colder, wetter months can be challenging at the best of times and just like us, their needs will be different when the weather takes a chilly turn.

Here’s our top 5 tips to keep them warm and protected from wintery hazards usually hidden in plain sight.


  1. Be sure to wash feet, legs and tummies with warm water after walks to remove any traces of ice, salt and grit which would irritate delicate skin
  2. Trim the hair on the bottom of the foot flat to prevent ice balls forming between pads and toes which could cause a nasty ice burn, then treat your pooch to a "pawdicure" with Hemp by HOWND Skin, Nose and Paw Balm to soothe and protect sore paws and chapped noses.
  3. Keep an extra close eye on what your pets are sniffing/lapping up out in their walks.

Our furry friends are easily enticed by sweet smelling car products such as antifreeze or deicer, but if ingested, as little as a spoonful of these products can be deadly.

  1. Be safe, be seen. Snow can be disorienting for dogs as they can easily lose their scent and become lost, so with many parts of the UK looking forward to winter flurries in the coming weeks, make sure your dog is I.D tagged, and their microchip details are up to date. Our USB flashing light collars are also a great way to keep track of adventurous pups out and about. Visible up to 500m, USB rechargeable and easily adjustable to fit any breed.
  2. Be prepared for accidents of the canine kind.

With all sorts of dangers hidden beneath leaves and snow, you never know what little (or big) mishaps your pup is going to find themselves in. Our handy pet first aid kits come fully stocked with everything you’ll need to deal with minor injuries and abrasions when out and about. Grab one online or in store today, just in case. 

Alternative Presents


Who said doggy presents can’t have human benefits too? Check out these amazing ways you can treat yourself by treating them, you have our paw of approval.

Want a splash free home? Our dog robes are the perfect post walk accessory.

Made from Egyptian cotton, this patented design is the lightest, most effective solution to drying your dog.

Simply slide it on over their head and tie around the tummy. Double looped material on the inside absorbs twice as much moisture as other drying coats and the stylish belt means no velcro to snag and get caked in dog hair, or clips which can be chewed.

Also perfect for keeping warm, soaking them to keep your dog cool, or for anxious dogs who need a little extra support during the scarier months.

Save the furniture with Origins Natural Dog Chew. A chunk of root rather than tree, this splinter free treat is 100% natural and full of nutrients as well as low in fat. Ideal for naughty teething puppies or dogs who still think they are one.

If your canine craves attention, then the Nina Ottosson Treat Pyramid is for you. This amazing boredom buster challenges, treats and trains your pooch.

Durable and easy to clean, fill with treats or dry kibble, then just sit back and watch as your pup flicks, paws and nuzzles this moderately challenging toy around the room.

Great for slowing down food guzzlers and entertaining bored dogs… and their owners. What? Who said that?


And... We do humans too

Stop coats, bags and dog leads taking a walk all of their own with our fun and functional dog tail coat hooks.

The slate mount featuring four excited cast iron tails is easy to hang and makes an eye-catching piece to any home or garden.



Get tails wagging with a statement WALKIES sweatshirt.

Made from 100% organic cotton, lined with soft fleece and printed using non-toxic ink, the stylish boyfriend cut of this dog lovers must have jumper means they are suitable for men and women, and give you plenty of room for Christmas pud.


From Rocky and the gang, we wish you a very yappy Christmas and a Pawfect New Year! Woof!


Ps. New Year’s eve is another great reason to grab your best friend a Thunder Shirt with all those fireworks being let off!

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