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Exercise, Tracker -

What we didn’t realise before was that the secret to success was right under our noses. In fact it wasn’t just under our noses, it was under our feet, on the sofa and in the bed too.

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Christmas for Dogs -

Christmas is about family and dogs are family. Therefore, Christmas is about dogs. Yes? Well, sort of.

We enjoy spoiling Rocky just as much as we do our loved ones and we wouldn’t ever dream of leaving him out at Christmas time.

Every year he gets his own doggy advent calendar and we buy him a squeaky new toy, which he usually rejects in favour of eating the wrapping paper. But it’s the thought that counts, right?

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How to walk your dog -

The UK’s no. 1 pet behavioural complaint is dogs pulling on the lead. Your most valuable tool here is ‘routine’. Repeating the same action or command at certain times of the day, EVERY day without fail.

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Dog Hair, Grooming -

Hair! Do you find it everywhere? On the furniture, in the carpets, on your clothes, basically everywhere except on the dog! However, that doesn’t mean that we owners can’t manage it. or at least attempt to.

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Eco Friendly, Poop -

Whatever your view, it’s something all responsible dog owners need to consider, and to help you on your way...

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