Newsletter June 2018


We have some super new stuff in this month for your super dog!!!

New Plush Collars & Leads

Superman & Cornish Tartan

Velvet lined with premium buckle and fittings.
Make a statement with these great new accessories.
Ever wonder if your dog is really getting enough exercise?

We have been testing this extremely affordable dog activity monitor for the past 2 months on Rocky.
Not only have we seen the benefits from prompting us to make that extra effort with him (which is tough when you are running a business and raising a new baby), but Rocky loves the extra exercise and it has helped us to reduce his weight.

*Free app
*No subscription
*Replaceable coin battery that lasts over a year!
PitPat app screenshot Rocky beagle
The data is presented very clearly in the app, and with a target of 60 minutes a day (which you can change), this was clearly one of Rocky's busier days on and off the lead.

Sure, it is not a GPS tracker, but they're much more expensive, require subscription payments and don't always work as they generally rely on a mobile phone signal being present in the area your dog is. A big ask if your little treasure decides to go solo on Harlyn Bay!

We couldn't recommend this enough for people who are in any doubt about how much exercise their dog should be or is actually getting. Also for pooches who may have a little bit too much puppy fat still.
Plenty of Fish!

The brand new addition to Seven Grain Free's excellent dry dog food and locally made Purely Fish dog treats.
Seven Grain Free Superfood 80:20 Fish Dry Dog Food

Seven Pet Food have now launched their Superfood 80:20 Fish to compliment their already excellent Superfood 80:20 Meat dry dog food.

If you are interested in Seven Grain Free dry dog food and have not yet made the transition, feel free to request one of our free samples of the Adult Chicken for us to include in your next online order.
Purely Fish Whitefish skin cubes
Purely Fish Salmon and potato dog treats
Purely Fish Redfish Crunchies
Purely Fish logo
25% OFF - Eco Friendly Machine Washable Dog Beds!

Available in Brown or Green
Bro dog bed brown

These beds are stuffed with recycled plastic bottles and are extremely cosy and comfortable. Made with hypoallergenic natural fibres they are also odour resistent whilst being machine washable. Available in a variety of sizes and colours. 

Beco dog bed green
* Eco-friendly made from recycled plastic bottles  
* Machine washable  
* Cosy & comfortable

Sizes Available

  • S - 35 x 43cm
  • M - 43 x 53cm
  • L - 53 x 70cm
Check out our new blog about Cardinham woods and all the amazing things it has to offer dog walkers - here

Last but not least!

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